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Focus on DEI Program Objectives over the Acronym

Remember, the overarching goal of DEI in the workplace is to manage and mitigate risks such as:

  • Prohibiting discrimination

  • Fostering respect for the individual

  • Maintaining high morale among employees

  • Creating safe spaces for expressing concerns

  • Promoting fairness in policies and procedures

  • Eliminating structural barriers to fair outcomes

  • Encouraging work-life balance and mental wellness

  • Ensuring all stakeholders feel valued and welcomed

All of the above are consistent with existing employment laws. Therefore, all of the above are lawful objectives of DEI. Don't lose focus of the objectives!

There’s a basic premise of interest-based negotiations required for advancing DEI objectives amidst the backlash. If you achieve stakeholder alignment on the objectives of DEI but cannot move the needle on nomenclature, do not undermine a win-win by refusing to massage your messaging. At TULIP, we have a distinct Integrative Negotiations service offering that we integrate into our DEI Analytics & Reporting deliverables --- it’s a value-add benefit you receive when working with TULP Advisory Professionals LLC.

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