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Inclusion & Belonging: An Action and An Outcome

Updated: Jan 9

Although equity is often the least understood element of DEI when surveying employees and leaders, inclusion and belonging are frequently misunderstood. On many occasions, I hear the terms inclusion and belonging used interchangeably. I also get a lot of questions about how each is measured. 

First, to distinguish between the two terms, I've had success by describing Inclusion as an action and Belonging as an outcome. From there, it's much easier to connect the dots for establishing metrics and reaching an understanding that success results when inclusive actions effectively create feelings of belonging in the workplace. Lead with data-driven actions to foster inclusion and benefit from employee experiences that yield positive outcomes.

If your Inclusion Strategy uses inclusion and belonging interchangeably, then you're starting from a point of failure. Revisit your strategy and revise the terms to define inclusion as the action(s) and belonging as the outcome.

For more information, contact a TULIP DEI Advisor at and put “Inclusion & Belonging” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you! #DEI #inclusion #belonging #data #DataAnalytics #metrics #MeasurableOutcomes #results #InclusiveWorkplaces #InclusiveWorkEnvironment #InclusiveLeadership #BottomLine

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