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Diverse Recruitment: It's More Than A Reactive Demographic Play

During a recent presentation of findings and recommendations from a data-driven DEI Analytics & Reporting project, DEI hiring challenges was a recurring theme. The client was not surprised, but thought their geographic location and industry created insurmountable barriers. Demographically, the workforce was heavily oriented toward men, Gen X and whites. Therefore, the client’s perspective for diverse recruitment had been focused on those three dimensions of diversity – gender, age and race. It was indeed true that the locale and industry were drivers for the applicant pool; however, the recommendations required putting a different lens on diversity to both broaden and deepen the meaning of DEI. The recommendations were based on three prongs to reframe DEI for this particular client.

First, it was recommended to think of diversity as only a starting point to creating a DEI strategy. Second, there was a recommendation to define diversity as more than demographic dimensions. And third, for the purposes of overcoming the barriers to diverse recruiting, it was recommended to incorporate equity and inclusion practices into the end-to-end recruitment strategy. Out of that three-pronged approach, I’ve created a few tips for building an integrated DEI sourcing, recruitment and hiring strategy. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of what’s required for a DEI Recruitment Strategy; however, it establishes a solid foundation that can be customized to achieve specific business outcomes.

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