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Safeguarding Business Outcomes, Mitigating Risks, and Focusing on People – The TULIP Way!

At TULIP, our service model seeks to enhance operational excellence by putting a hyper-focused, data-driven lens on people risks in the workplace and then co-creating people-centric solutions to safeguard business outcomes through an enhanced workforce experience.  Central to our service model is our innovative methodology which uses discovery and analytical methods designed to leverage data for informed, insightful and solution-oriented decision-analysis and problem-solving. While our methodology is standardized, our deliverables are customized to address each client's specific business need(s). At TULIP, our overarching mission is to help organizations differentiate the value their people contribute toward delivering on the organization's mission and values.  

HR Data & Analytics Summit (April 2023) - Lineup Speaker
Lead with Data & the DEI Story will Follow: Leveraging Data Analytics to Create a DEI Business Case



We Offer Value-Driven Services

TULIP Advisory Professionals LLC offers business to business professional services with a niche service and go-to-market offering in Workforce Risk Experience Analytics. We approach analytics & reporting using a trademark-pending methodology intended to Transform Unmitigated Liabilities Into Performance (TULIP)-driven, actionable and measurable outcomes.  We then work collaboratively with organizations and their leadership to ideate and iterate best and likely scenarios as a prioritization planning exercise for targeting investments related to identified risk exposure. After aligning and designing data-driven solutions, our process concludes with ensuring adequate resourcing and change management are built-in with the necessary bolts to embed and sustain new ways of working, measure outcomes, document and track progress and celebrate the successes.

The TULIP suite of service offerings include:

  • Workplace Experience Risk Assessment to discover, define, measure, mitigate and manage people risks in an organization.  Through our unique tool and approach, we identify enterprise workforce risks using a 360-degree lens guided by data-driven insights and using a 4-dimensional assessment. We then shape solutions through targeted investments to mitigate, manage and measure those risks. Our people-centric solutions improve the overall workforce experience and safeguard business outcomes by fortifying enterprise people risk management as a critical element in operational excellence.

  • HR Compliance Reviews to connect the dots across your business and talent management strategies.  Whether it’s early in the employment life cycle and you need help defining a strategic recruitment plan or onboarding for Day-1 readiness through understanding employment agreements and handbooks, we can help your organization and your workforce get prepared for their respective roles in the employment relationship.  We can also help you design or redesign policies and procedures that govern the way your organization manages its business and its resources.  If clarification or training is needed to ensure your organization is applying laws and regulations properly, our HR and legal experts can get you up to speed and on track for complying with pay practices like pay transparency, equal pay, minimum wage and overtime, or other rules related to independent contracting, leave, benefits, discrimination, harassment, and other federal and state employment law requirements.

  • Strategic HR Advisory Services to accelerate the strategic value of HR by tying hard data to soft metrics and leveraging data-insights to positively impact business outcomes. Through our full-scope analysis of the HR function, we advise organizations on transforming their HR organization, processes, policies and governance and strategically integrating employee relations to design people-centric and value-driven solutions for business problem-solving and an overall improved employer-employee relationship. 

  • DEI Strategic Advisory Services to design and develop strategies that target problems, not people, using a data-guided roadmap and measurable action plan to implement and manage diversity, equity and inclusion as a value-driven way of working embedded across the entire operating model (strategy, structure, people, processes, technology, and governance).

  • Pay Audits to validate employee wages, assess terms and conditions of employment, review pay policies, procedures and practices, and determine pay disparities that cannot be justified by a lawful business rationale. 

  • FLSA Job Classification Analysis to determine whether employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt for overtime eligibility and other requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and required for compensation compliance.

  • Contract Reviews and Integrative Negotiations to ensure contractual terms and conditions are aligned to achievable service delivery commitments or other intended business outcomes including review, analysis and markup with a risk assessment to ensure fair and balanced contracting.

  • Workplace/Employee Investigations for strategic grievance management utilizing an impartial and fair process to identify witnesses, gather facts, conduct a rationally based analysis and establish sound findings in a well-documented format for clearly defined actions that directly addressed the complaints.

  • Change and Culture Management to drive adoption and embed new ways of working to establish change as business as usual for sustainable business outcomes.

  • Workplace Training to ensure the organizational hierarchy is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to sustain an environment that offers experiences for people to feel safe, respected, welcomed and empowered.  TULIP’s training offerings include Leadership Training, DEI Training and HR Compliance Training.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the courses we’ve designed to enhance the workplace experience.

TULIP Tech Advisory Services


TULIP offers add-on tech support services to provide guidance and best practices for mitigating compliance risks with workforce data during the implementation of HRM/IS, Time & Attendance and Payroll systems. We focus our analysis on employment-related data such HR and pay data to ensure completeness, accuracy, and consistency for data preparation and data validation as a matter of quality assurance prior to the data migration phase in the deployment of new or updated technology systems.  TULIP’s workforce data compliance audit services integrate seamlessly with third-party services.  Our goal is to safeguard business outcomes through our compliance-driven approach in the overall delivery of system implementations.  The TULIP Tech Advisory Services are as follows:


  • Workforce Data Preparation Support: In conjunction with TULIP’s Pay Audit and FLSA Classification Job Analysis services, TULIP offers Data Preparation Support services as a proactive approach to mitigating risks during the data migration phase. We will work with data owners to review the quality of HR and pay data and correct data errors before business problems are triggered with new system implementations or upgrades.  Our TULIP Advisors will act as a go-between among a variety of stakeholders including business leadership, employees, project managers, functional analysts, business analysts and other technical and business team members. Once all the relevant data is analyzed, we’ll communicate findings and recommendations to leadership and align on the process for updating any changes as part of the data migration strategy.


  • HRIS and Payroll Tech Dual Maintenance Support: TULIP also offers supplemental support to client teams requiring additional resources for managing implementation timelines and budgets. We will work with your project managers and teams to track all updates and changes required for deployment of the new system and we will ensure that those changes are synced across the existing (legacy) and new systems.  As part of the access management and maintenance processes, TULIP teams will adhere to strict data protection protocols and procedures as defined by client requirements.

We believe commercial and operational excellence is realized when organizations prioritize people as human capital and enhance their workplace experiences to optimize the way they operate.  All of our service offerings start with a data-driven baseline - as such we may analyze the people recruited and hired; contractual commitments required to do business; engagement of key stakeholders necessary to execute on those commitments; processes implemented to manage the business; experiences created in the workplace; policies developed to govern business operations; and, performance outcomes achieved based on measurable objectives.  Because doing business starts and ends with people, TULIP’s service offerings ensure that commercial and excellence starts and ends with people, an organization’s greatest assets. 

Value Proposition


What differentiates TULIP ADVISORY PROFESSIONALS are the built-in assets we create in your commercial operating model to drive consistent outcomes: people productivity; employee engagement; business agility; process efficiency; analytics and insights; quality control; risk mitigation; and, overall stakeholder experience.

Potential for Increased Productivity

The following outcomes were observed when comparing companies in the top quartile to those in the bottom quartile for employee engagement and performance management: 10% higher customer metrics, 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales and 21% higher profitability.

Source: Harter, J. Gallup Blog: Dismal Employee Engagement is a sign of global mismanagement,

Potential for Enhanced Revenue

Diverse management teams tend to achieve 19% higher revenue.


Source: ​​How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation (

Potential for Improved Performance

Ethnic and cultural diversity improves business performance by more than 35% compared to less diverse business organizations.

Source: Simeonidou, S. (24-January 2022), DEI Trends that can boost performance in 2022, Financial Management.

Service Offerings


TULIP Website Customized Data Reports.png

At TULIP, our data-driven analysis is captured in a customized data reporting format. Therefore, we don’t reuse templates to tell your organization’s unique data story. Instead, we build a report that focuses on your greatest pain points while highlighting your greatest strengths. The way the story unfolds is determined by your specific business objectives.  That’s a data story that cannot be standardized - so at TULIP, every data report we deliver is customized.

From the lens of an organization's greatest assets -
it's people
DEI Analytics & Reporting is TULIP’s niche service offering.  At TULIP, we approach Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as more than a strategy and our methodology frames DEI Analytics as a business imperative.  Our trademark (pending) methodology is designed to assess an organization’s perceptions (P), realities (R) and aspirations for its outcomes (O).  Therefore, we lead with analytics to drive an outcome-based business objective.  As such, we enable your organization achieve DEI reporting that is sound and rational, whether for corporate citizenship reporting purposes or regulatory mandated requirements. Let TULIP help your organization create a data-driven DEI action plan that delivers value and drives commercial operational excellence.  Contact us today!


With over 25 years of combined legal and business professional experience, Shamanda R. Joseph, Esq. has garnered invaluable leadership skills by serving as a trusted advisor to C-suite, corporate and public sector leadership clients in multiple industries.  Commonly known as Mandi, she has a keen ability to balance business objectives with legal, regulatory and policy risks all while implementing strategic initiatives to meet or exceed organizational goals. Mandi’s overall strategic approach focuses on assessing, analyzing and balancing strategies to safeguard revenue and enhance profitability with built-in controls to effectively manage risks and clearly measure success.  With the TULIP DEI P.R.O. Methodology (trademark pending), Mandi has created an approach to DEI Analytics & Reporting that will transform DEI Reporting from vague and anecdotal to data-led and valid.  More importantly, TULIP's integration of DEI into commercial operations processes is a profit-enhancement strategy that puts an organization's greatest assets at the forefront of running a business organization.  With this comprehensive approach to driving commercial operations excellence, TULIP's mission is to manage risks, lead with a quality mindset to deliver products and services, enhance productivity and ultimately and positively impact the bottom-line in doing business.


Mandi's formal education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from Emory University (Goizueta Business School) in Atlanta, GA and a Juris Doctor from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL.  She also completed post-baccalaureate coursework in African-American Studies at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA.  Her personal interests include reading, traveling, volunteering, and advocating children’s, educational and social justice causes.  Mandi's primary personal interest, however, is spending quality time with her teenage son who is an avid all-sports enthusiast, video gamer, and an awesome artist.  Her son is credited as the "brainchild" behind the company's creative name, TULIP, which he came up with at the age of 10 years old. Mandi envisions TULIP as her son's legacy.  In the meantime, she seeks to grow TULIP to a top-performing business that exceeds client expectations by delivering value with outcome-driven services.

Our Founder
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“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.” James Belasco and Ralph Stayer

“Culture isn’t an unmeasurable thing. It’s all about performance. It’s all about productivity. At the end of the day, I believe it drastically affects your performance!” Ann Rhoades, Co-founder of JetBlue, former Chief People Officer of Southwest Airlines and Promus Hotel



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