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The DEI Narrative: Messaging Matters

•       If your DEI programs are focused only on demographics for your organization, you’re diminishing the power and purpose of DEI.

•       The “D” is about diversity, represented by all aspects of human differences and social identities at the individual and group levels and which influence behaviors and ways of thinking reflected in the unique attributes of people.

•       The “E” is about removing structural barriers so that access to resources is made available to everyone regardless of differences.

•       The “I” is about the intentional actions taken to create systems, processes, policies, patterns, practices, and technology which foster feelings of being valued, respected, welcomed, and empowered so that all individuals have a sense of belonging.

•       Collectively, DEI should resonate as a pathway to organizational sustainability.

•       The total value of DEI can only be realized when we start talking about the “D”, the “E” and the “I”, respectively and collectively.

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