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Retooling Feedback Culture: An Engagement Strategy for Managing & Mitigating Workforce Risks

Recent research shows that frequent feedback is a growing demand from Gen Z; therefore, the future of work is likely to require that the feedback culture in organizations accommodates this increased feedback demand for successful business outcomes. As shown below, Gallup reports that feedback is a factor in motivating employees to do outstanding work.  That creates a direct tie between engagement and worker productivity. 

At TULIP, we help organizations understand what their engagement data is telling them about their people and their business. However, we know that daily feedback is not an easy shift if you’re currently on an annual feedback cycle (nor would we recommend such a step change in your processes).  At TULIP, we’re guided by data when recommending strategic change to mitigate and manage workforce risks like employee engagement. We lead with data to create the story about employee engagement at your organization by integrating automated measurements with human insights to highlight strengths and target areas of improvement in a comprehensive reporting format. 

Retooling the Feedback Culture is one of several strategies that can be implemented to move the needle on employee engagement, paced and implemented based on your unique data story. Our innovative, data-driven methodology utilizes a systematic approach to managing enterprise people risks with an easy to use, technology-enabled engagement risk assessment – our data analytics tool is streamlined for efficiency and provides immediate measurement results. We conduct an interpretive analysis using deep human insights with a focus on proactive people interventions to transform unmitigated and under-mitigated risks into positive outcomes through engagement – that’s what we call The TULIP Way.  Our differentiator for engagement analytics is that TULIP Workforce Risk Advisors are skilled in keeping a pulse on people and enabling employers to accelerate the strategic advisory value of HR. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how TULIP Advisory Professionals LLC can help you mitigate and manage workforce risks through improved employee engagement, feel free to reach out to us by email at or by phone at (678) 990-0910.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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