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Navigating the Legality & Reality of DEI: Messaging Matters

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

At TULIP Advisory Professionals LLC, we approach our services from a lens of commercial excellence. That means we consider how our services will benefit an organization's ways of operating. DEI is no exception to our approach. Hence, our day one and continuous focus on DEI as a business imperative. With the increasing legislative changes being proposed, a business rationale for DEI will become more critical for justifying programs and initiatives. More importantly, a data-driven strategy will be valuable in navigating the legality and reality of DEI with effective messaging. Without proactive DEI strategies being in place, organizational sustainability is at risk. Therefore, effectively communicating this risk is dependent upon the data story. TULIP can help you create the right DEI narrative with our DEI Analytics & Reporting service offering. For more information, email us at #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion #data #analytics #DataStory #BusinessCase #messaging #BottomLine #sustainability

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