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Anti-DEI Legislation is on the rise: Is it a threat to organization sustainability?

Updated: May 15, 2023

19 states and 30 bills advancing Anti-DEI Legislation to date. Could this be a threat to organizational sustainability in light of data that shows diversity, equity and inclusion are factors for job candidates and employees when considering employment opportunities? Regardless, it means DEI Messaging Matters. DEI should be messaged as a business imperative. Lead with data and the story will follow. #DEI #DataStory #DiversityEquityInclusion #BusinessCase #data #analytics #legislation #messaging #BusinessImpact #diversity #sustainability #BottomLine

TULIP Advisory Professionals LLC helps organizations establish a DEI business case using data-driven approach to customize a DEI story. Contact us for a FREE 360-degree DEI Impact Analysis. This is a limited time offer valued at up to $12,000 USD. For more information, contact us at

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